Sunday, August 17, 2008

Whidbey Rise and Fall

Yesterday the Washington Chapter of the BRS Cycling Club met at gates of the Mukilteo/Clinton Ferry dock around 7am, not sure what the upcoming day's tour of Whidbey Island would bring. It was going to be sunny and hot and we were all well outfitted with plenty of gatoradegelsbars. This first picture is quite a few miles into the ride already, bringing the first water views from our bikes as we look southwest over Admiralty Bay.

In order to take the pic with the shutter timer I had to rig this driftwood tripod. As a snap this one Gerald is finding relief behind that shrub.The Furnace is now equipped with the best computer I've ever seen. In addition to all the usual bike computer stuff it had our course plotted, told us when to turn, what the inclines were (length, grade, frequency), told how we were competing against our virtual pace buddy (who travelled at an avg rate of 14.11, but slowed on the rises and accelerated downhill like we do), and got us lost only twice.
Here we see Crash deftly ascending the first big hill of the day with his newest partner, Eloise (her name for now at least).
Gerald found her name on a local sign. The real Gerald was looking on, very puzzled.

Action shot of Gerald as we get more glimpses of the water and the Olympics, neither of which showed up in the picture very well.

The Furnace coming up fast behind me along a lonely stretch of highway.
Chugg and I, tresspassing. Just killing some time while we wait for the rest of the club to catch us.
A welcome stop at a waterfront park in Freeland came just in time. We were all flirting with completely empty water bottles. After refills and bathroom breaks we were all in higher spirits. enough to muster wide smiles for another group photo, on another makeshift tripod.
Here's Crash during a short break. Furnace had some route recon to tend to. I really dig that tree behind him, enough that I suffered nettles on my shins in order to snap the pic.

Finally back at the ferry dock, grinning, sunburnt and wind molded helmet hair.

Tired, hungry, ready for a nap? Yubetcha. Best day of cycling evar? Ditto.


  1. Impressed by your ability to shoot photos one-handed and backwards while riding uphill. And thanks so much for documenting Gerald's contribution to the watering of Whidbey Island's shrubbery...

  2. For the record to the TdM competitors. I did NOT walk that hill because Ms. C and I couldn't ride it. Now look what you've done Guth. Next time we're riding up Houston, I'm going to smoke you & Chugg like there's no tomorrow. Why do you make me do this?

    Excellent ride. That's all I can say. Who would've thought Whidbey would be so scenic? Thanks to my fellow riders for an awesome ride. I look forward to the next ride. Seriously, I do...

  3. Yes, it's true. Crash walked that hill only to keep me company, i.e. to act his usual role as "sheep dog" to this slow cow, so I wouldn't fall away from the pack. Ms C is pretty, I'm not sure I'm keen on the name, but the bike is a beauty. It was an awesome ride. It is part of the MS 150 apparently, but it kicked my arse, and I enjoyed every minute. Anyone up for Mt. Rainier this weekend?

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  5. It was a fun time indeed! That final climb was a killer though. Here's the link to the gps log of our ride: