Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2008 Tour de Mukilteo

2008 Tour de Mukilteo - Saturday, Sept 27. (Sponsored by Wine)


Approximately eleven hills to climb, two flat stages, all jam packed into one morning ride. Prizes awarded to the GC, KOM, and 2nd-5th place finishers. There will be no time bonuses for the GC competition. KOM competition will issue the following points: 1.5 pts to the first rider to finish the stage. 1pt to the 2nd place finisher. 1pt issued to the rider who reaches the designated Sprint Mark approximately 1/3 or 1/2 way up each climbing stage.

NEW 2008 TdM Guarantee!!! 100% assurance that this year's route will exceed all pain threshold expectations.

Stage Profiles:

Prologue 92nd Street (CAT 1)
Stage 1 Goat Loop Trail (CAT 2)
Stage 2 Chennault Beach (HC)
Stage 3 Boeing Parking Lot (individual TT)
Stage 4 Harbour Heights (CAT 2)
Stage 5 Picnic Point Loop (Picnic Point Climb) (CAT 3)
(Switchback Climb) (CAT 2)
(St. Andrews Climb) (HC)
Stage 6 Old Boeing Plant (Individual TT)

Epilogue St. Andrews Climb (Optional Bonus Stage for KOM race. After Stage 6, KOM leader can be challenged by any trailing KOM rider within 2 pts of the KOM point total. Riders will ride repeat climbs up St. Andrews for one hour without rest. If KOM declines challenge, rider proposing challenge must climb St. Andrews three times to earn extra two points).


  1. I need to go take a rest now after just reading about the stages.

  2. Me too, right after I get done vomiting.

  3. "The Ventoux is a god of evil, to which sacrifices must be made. It never forgives weakness and extracts an unfair tribute of suffering."
    -Roland Barthes

    Mssr. Barthes is unimpressed with your description Crash.