Monday, September 1, 2008

Six Minute September

September's Challenge:

Run one mile in under 6 minutes.  Fastest time gets 2 BRS points.  Can't break 6 minutes?  Run a diagnostic mile, and then improve your time by the end of the month.  

7 min - 20 sec
8 min - 30 sec
9 min - 45 sec
10 min or more - 60 sec

Spreadsheet for Altitude August is up so fill in your elevation gain.  September's spreadsheet will be up sooner than later.  I've been busy training for the CDT.


  1. I have been busy training for Oktoberfest when not picking vice presidential candidates about whom I know nothing (I figure it will all come out in the media anyway, so why bother).

    -John M.

  2. Is wierd that people look at me funny when I am jogging and smoking at the same time???? I wonder if they would look at me funny if I was just smoking?