Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Sorry

Dear First Class, View From the Sidelines, & Chris From Ventoux,

About two or three years ago, we were drinking some beers & eating burgers on Ventoux's back porch in Eugene.  I believe all of you said that you wanted to try yoga classes at the local community center.  I think I laughed at all of you.  I think I even might have questioned First Class & Ventoux's sexuality.  Well I apologize to you all...

Today I was at the gym, and saw a woman doing yoga.  I was really impressed at how fit AND flexible she was.  After doing so much running over the years, (without stretching), I've felt the need to become more flexible.  Anyways, I tried to watch a yoga DVD tonight, but TheGuth gave me a blank.  I found an old yoga DVD that I bought years ago, which I only watched the opening credits while drinking a Becks. 
So I actually tried the 20 minute routine, and I can't believe how good my aching back felt! I can see the benefits of doing those workouts over time. Only problem I foresee is holding those hard positions while maintaining a "relaxed" breath.  

Again, I'm sorry, I was wrong. I think I may have found a new sport. Also, I remember reading an article about topless yoga.  Gotta go surf the net to see if there's a DVD.

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  1. Any excuse to post a pseudorelevant photo of Christy Turlington. Or bail on the Seattle marathon. Til the next trend