Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Are your ipod playlists getting old?  Are you craving new, exciting, stimulating music?  Then NEW MUSIC NOVEMBER is just what you need.  NMN will be November's BRS Challenge.  

1) You have two weeks to compile the best 15 song workout playlist.  That's a workout playlist.

2) Why is Randy Newman's pretty mug on this post?  Because this Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Award winning artist has hits dating back from the sixties to the present like Love Story (1960's), You Can Leave Your Hat On (1970's), I Love LA (1980's), The Time of Your Life (1990's), and You've Got a Friend in Me (2000's).  Your CD must contain at least three songs from each decade, but the artists can be all different.

3) In two weeks, give a copy of your CD to Crash.  He will then make copies and redistribute the playlists to everyone.  Over the next two weeks, burn a copy to your music library and listen to the music.  Then vote for your favorite CD. At the end of the month, everyone's music library will be full of fresh, motivating music and the winner will receive two BRS points.

Rock on.


  1. I always sucked at music history... look forward to Chris' contribution though.

  2. Crash, you can not submit "Raising McCain" repeated 15 times.

  3. Jay, do the Eagles have songs from all those decades?