Tuesday, November 4, 2008

another nominee

I mentioned this to Crash ages ago, and I think it was even an empty slot reserved for it on the Magnum Points series chart awhile back: for my last chance at an individual point this year I want to race my dentist up the Goat Loop Trail.

You see, he has this challenge, if you are the fastest climber of all his patients you get your name on his ad in the Mukilteo Beacon, and a little free dental work I think.

But he's fast, ooo, he's fast. I've already beaten his patients (there's only two other guys that have turned in times I think), but I haven't touched his own PR yet.

The route is very similar to the second stage of the TdM, except you have to start down at the ferry dock, almost another half mile of UP. And I have to do it faster than I did the stage in the TdM. My previous best time, logged the week before the TdM, and I thought it to be good enough to beat him, was 11:05. But when I stopped by the office to turn it in (it's basically at the finish line) it turns out he did it two years ago in 10:26. Holyshit!, I was at the vomit/coughing blood stage to get what I got and he did it 40 seconds faster, and I won't even tell you what bike/tire combo he had (it wasn't a Serotta). I don't have the results handy anymore, but being chased up the hill at the TdM I don't think I beat that time and that will be basically starting with an almost two minute headstart.

But I've been continuing to train, hitting the gym, and I'm going to give it another shot. Tomorrow. Wednesday. and Crash will chase me up.

Will you endorse the point if I can do it?

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  1. nevermind. fail. whatever. With Crash pacing me up I still only logged an 11:06, one second slower than my own PR. Back to the drawing board.

    It must be Ted Stevens's win still weighing on my mind.