Sunday, November 30, 2008

Donate December

What's up for December's Challenge?  Blood, sweat, and cash money.  This month, we will all strive to be more like Angelina.  Better humanitarians through selfless giving.  In this pic, she is rescuing these poor, helpless children from starvation. (or this may be the photo where she is taking the kids to Barney's New York for back to school shopping.  I get them mixed up)...

Get a point by donating either your time, money, or blood to any cause that is important to you.  I'm serious about the blood.  We all probably know someone that has needed medical care or treatment, and blood donations are under appreciated in my opinion. Besides, the way most of the people from this blog drink, smoke, and eat, we'd better make some donations now.  Get an extra half point if you donate all three.


  1. Bonus point for donating a big mac and a milkshake to Angelina.

  2. Can I donate blood to the food bank?