Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Traditional Giving of Thanks

Its that day again. For those of us who like to cook its like Super Bowl Sunday. Only Lawrence Taylor didn't send any blow or escorts to my room last night to tire me out. I was up at 6, pies and bread are done, turkeys in the oven and all the prep work for the rest is complete. The calm before the storm. So I thought I'd take a moment to say thanks to everyone on the site for the making it Fun.
Anyway, the die is cast, the hard work is done, and the feast is pretty much going to turn out well at this point regardless of any diminished mental capacity caused by intake of alchohol, so its time to crack a cold one and relax. Happy Turkey Day Yall!
For the record, the Turkey will be served with a 2007 Domaine de la Becassonne White from the Cote Du Rhone.


  1. You had me at Cote du Rhone, then at LT, then at Blow... Thanksgiving feast. As far as I'm concerned, there's no better place to be on any given Thursday, than at home, cooking your ass off, intoxicated, away from work. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  2. that photo is priceless. am inspired to try and cook next year though I have never had a shortage of excuses to diminish my mental capacity through alcohol.

  3. Cheers indeed! T to everyone, this forum has been a ton of fun this year. (and whoops, tardy commenting, I haven't been here in a few days).

    Crash et al, I finally uncorked the pinot noir from the TdM on turkey day. It was excellent, good choice.

    Susie, Michaela and I actually showed up at the Memorial Stadium to cheer for you. We got there in time to watch the first Full Marathon finishers, but she got restless shortly thereafter. We had to take off to get some pizza in her before we could see ya. I'll run it with you next time though.