Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vote Early and Often

~ Half of the American people never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half. ~
-Gore Vidal

Game recognize Game buddy.

The better half is out of town today, so I loaded up the ipod, put Sammy from Ventoux in the car and I headed to Chip Ross park and Macarthur Forest for a nice long hike to contemplate the sanctity of the vote. Along the way, we discovered what must have been the Mushroom princess' secret kingdom on a shady hollow on the western slope of Dimple Hill. We were surrounded by literally thousands of mushrooms in a small condensed patch on either side of the trail. I looked for a green one with white spots in the hopes of being rewarded with an extra life, but no luck.
Anyway, my New Music November vote goes to Cow. My reasoning follows:


Raised to the power of

equals flawless victory.

Honorable mention goes to Rat. It was a close call until Randy Travis came on after Paid in Full. I'm going to blame the resultant blackout on a misfiring of synapses caused by the kind of permanent neurological damage that comes from years of good living. In other words, it was me and not you. Fortunately Tom Petty was there to talk me down. Not the first time thats happened.
Also, Hog, Good call on the James Brown. My hiking was at least 15% more soulful, if odd looking, for the duration of that song.


  1. Forgot to add one fact:
    The working title of "Easy like Sunday Morning" was actually "The abridged memoirs of Chris from Ventoux". Cheers.

  2. I got 2 copies of cat, one "cat" and one "CAT". was one of them supposed to be "rat"

  3. Going to workout to all the playlists this week before I cast my vote. Cow is definitely strong, love the Ween track. Just glad I've got new music to listen to while I train for Davis Challenge '09. Gerald, those are two different cd's. One rat & one Cat.

  4. So I actually worked out to ALL the playlists and my vote came down to Cow & Pig, with Pig winning out by a nose. My vote for best song goes to Homo Rainbow. (Strange by Built to Spill and The Magic Number 3 - by De La Soul were both a very close second).

    I was a bit surprised, but ALL the playlists were really very good. Success!

  5. Okay, voting way late here, sorry. I've had my votes decided for ages, just been to lazy/scatterbrained to make it count.

    First, no one had a perfect blend for me, everybody had at least one poor song choice, either a crappy song (several of mine, now that I listen again) or just wrong for the flow (Neil Young's lengthy track works better as a final warm down, rather than one to kick off the mix). That said, these are some truly great mixes! I am really enjoying all of them, lately I have them all thrown into a single monster playlist that I keep on 'shuffle' on my iPod. Loves IT!!1!

    So, for single song choice I have to choose Pig's Marie Laforet song. I had never heard it before and it grabbed me right away. One) I love covers Two) that French chick rocks! My cadence picks up noticeably every time it comes around.

    For complete mix I'm going out on a limb with Dog. It doesn't have my first or even second favorite song (Some Velvet Morning) on it, but I really like the mix as a whole. I like that the songs are not chronological, they flow well that way. Despite 'Under Pressure' That song is so played already that it just needs to be retired for 10 years or so. I may just banish it from the list and pretend it was never there. Pig's bonus track as replacement?

    Thanks everyone, I can't wait until next November now.

  6. My vote for best overall goes to Cow. Although if I were going to pick a Ween song for a mix, I would have picked "Hey There Fancy Pants" (

    My vote for best song goes to "You are a runner" by Wolf Parade. Even without the fit of the title, it's just a good song to run to.

  7. Also, there's this: