Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everything is Gray

Shouldn't have procrastinated on the fasting. Also shouldn't have done it on a day when I had to get up at 5. More sleep would have meant less hunger. If you hear about someone slaughtering any coworker that tried to heat up lunch in the microwave, or brought back an aromatic lunch, that will probably have been me. 7 hours to go. I'd ask you all to wish me luck, if I wasn't so pissed off with hunger. Instead I ask you to hate me for being so incredibly, incredibly good looking, and now, that much skinnier. For the record though, Champagne and Heroin is okay on the fast right? Cuz I was reading Kate Moss' Blog...

1 comment:

  1. Ventoux,

    I'm totally proud of you. During the work week no less! I've got to say, I completed this challenge Sunday. It hurt. Not as bad as I thought, but it hurt and I liked it. Not sure as to why? Good for you. Good for Spiz and Good for moi.

    Hope you enjoy something yummy after your fast. Very good job!!!