Saturday, January 17, 2009

I win a point for fasting!

I meant to post this quite a while back, but forgot till now. Here's one way to win the fasting point - gluttony. On the weekend of Jan 3, I was on a mini-vacation at the Salish lodge perched up above Snoqualmie Falls. The restaurant at this place is apparently known for something called the "Salish Lodge Country Breakfast", an overpriced four-course breakfast. I decided to go for it since I was feeling a little hungry that morning.

Course #1 was an assortment of freshly-baked muffins and scones. Not too bad, it's hard to beat freshly-baked goods. After eating that, I was pretty much ready to face the day, but there was more to come.

#2 was 2 pancakes with fresh fruit, devonshire cream, and what they called "maple syrup". Now I make this kind of stuff for breakfast quite often and I'd like to think that I know what grade A maple syrup tastes like. What they served to me was maple-flavored syrup, quite a disappointment for an expensive breakfast. Nevertheless, after some muttering, I ate my pancakes with the fruit and creme (skipping the syrup), and was now pretty full.

#3 was a bowl of steel-cut oats with a side of cinnamon brown sugar and vanilla-infused half-and-half. I've never had steel-cut oats before. It turned out to be quite good. It's now on rotation as one of my pre-work breakfasts. I just set my rice cooker to have it ready for me when I wake up. At this point, my stomach was starting to tell me that it can't hold any more food.

#4 was a big plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, potatoes, and a biscuit. I had a sample of everything and told them to box up the rest. It was okay, but I'm not that much of a savory breakfast person in the first place. That, and I was distended and feeling disgusted with the amount of food I ate.

So now back to the original point of this posting.. Eating so much food ended up messing with my sense of fullness and I didn't eat anything else for the rest of the day. The next morning, that sense of fullness was still with me, but since I had already gone 24 hours without food, I had a banana for breakfast. The end. ONE BRS POINT PLZ!!


  1. Well done Spiz. You're the first to fast. Of course you get a BRS point (that's if theGuth ever fixes the spreadsheet access). I'm planning on doing it next weekend. One burning question though. How'd you manage to go 24 hrs without your MILK!!!

  2. I'm sure this is exactly the spiritual experience the Jainists are looking for. Congrats on the first 09 Magnum point!

  3. sorry, but that's soft. Fasting should be dawn to dusk, do you get points for something that happened by accident?

  4. I have to consult with my lawyers for a definite answer, but I believe the fine print says "Fast for one day, and get a BRS point." Nothing mentioned about time frames! So there!

    Crash, it was tough times without my daily dose of milk.. I made sure to make up the calcium deficiency over the next day or two.

  5. Plus, I COULD have had a snack in the evening, but I made a conscious decision not to do so. That's gotta count for something, right?

  6. I agree with Gerald to extent that this is total weak sauce, but so are most BRS points. In fact I recall Gerald earning four points last year by running marathons she would have anyways. There is a precedent to be upheld here.

  7. Spiz gets a point, no question about it. There is absolutely nothing EASY about not eating for 24 hrs, no matter when that first hour starts in my book. To be honest, I'm just glad someone was able to be a guinea pig and prove that you don't die if you don't eat.

    Finally, a word of caution to theGuth. Speaking negatively about BRS points may cause a deduction in BRS points. Things like, "weak sauce, but so are most BRS points" could be interpreted as heresy.

  8. 1) whatever.

    2) okay, not most, but many. I certainly don't think I can claim a point now for any of the personal goals I achieved last year and feel good about it.

    3) I still plan on claiming a point when I can beat my dentist up the Goat Loop Trail Rd. Serotta or no.