Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jersey or Jainism January

Wow.  It's already 2009.  So this month's challenge will borrow from the Jainism religion.  Fast for one day, and get a BRS point.  You may drink only water during that day.  Why?  I say why not.  

Now for Jersey January. You can also receive a BRS point if you submit a design for a BikeRunSwig cycling jersey.  We want to make team jerseys this year, and the winning design will receive an extra BRS point.  Bring your entry to the Davis Challenge.  

Finally, due to inclement weather last month, Donate December will be extended this month, but only for donating blood.  I tried to donate, but got turned away for high blood pressure, so I donated sperm instead.  I was amazed at how many people donate blood.  Do it.  It will definitely save a life.


  1. For jersey design and printing i think we're going to go through Champion Systems
    They've got the best deals I've seen and it looks like a fairly straightforward process. We have to order 10 jerseys, but at $45 a pop I don't mind picking up two. I'll bet we can make our quota without issue. If you are interested in making a jersey, you can use the template here: I think we should just go with the raglan short sleeve top for now. Go nuts!

  2. Can they omit the company logo? I'm in for 2 (jerseys, not fasts). Crash, I figure, if you fast for 15 days your BP will go down and you will catch up in the BRS standings. So what if the kidneys shut down?

  3. I searched but could not find a template for a sleeveless half jersey with a shredded midriff fringe. Utter poppycock. I'm thinking we should just copy the graphics from Culture Club's 1983 "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" tour T-Shirts.
    BTW this fasting idea, in conjunction with BRS's core goal of physical fitness combined with Libertinism has me concerned Crash has become a drunkorexic. If he starts feuding with Paris Hilton or becomes pregnant with DJ AM's love child we're going to have to stage an intervention.