Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My homey CRASH!!!

GODDAMN  IT!!! For the love of God just give Crash a vote for Donate December. Fine. Not a full vote, but at least a half point.  Son of a bitch attempted to donate blood at the Puget Sound Blood Center 2 fucking times in the last 3 weeks.  Dude has high blood pressure, so for his weak ass safety, they won't take his blood, but since I can't save my own ass, at least vote his ass a 1/2 point for this jerk's effort. GODDAMN IT!!!


  1. You'd think they would readily take your blood if you have high blood pressure. That way they get some blood and your pressure goes down. Win win, no?

  2. suggestion- stop doing pullups before giving blood. if that doesn't work talk to your doctor before you blow an aneursym. You get my vote- trying twice to give blood def beats the so called "fasting" thing.