Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gerald Jr.

Today is a special day. Gerald Jr.'s birthday is 2/28/09. Sadly I can't even remember Gerald Sr.'s birthday, sometime in January 2007. Women are so fickle, if Junior didn't have Gerald's name, would I even remember it? They didn't paint the polar bear on it, as you can see, oh well, I'll have to get a sticker. I guess 10 years of higher education and 80 hour work weeks can buy you a good looking companion.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I was a torch driving the savages back to the trees

I'm not in love with the modern world, but these guys are okay by me.
And I cranked out the last 500 sit ups I needed this morning to make 3000 for February.

Late Update: Crash, you can have Newt. Enjoy. This guy had me at beer and hoops...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

T, Crash, for making me panic

Crash dropped his FEB FAB mix on my desk today. Made me realize that I had only two days left, what happened to this month!? I was planning on either creating another disc as well, or ideally donating some blood. But a quick mental rundown of my next two evenings and I realized I have little opportunity for either. Uh, oh. Gotta think fast...

Suck it, bitches.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chilly Hilly

The Guth, Spiz, and myself went back in time and actually did the Chilly Hilly 24 hours before the race even began. I guess time travel is truly possible.

It was a fantastic day that had views of the Seattle skyline, Olympics, and Mt. Rainier. Oh yeah, it was also chilly and hilly.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Davis Challenge 2009-Marine Corps

I was hoping someone else would post something about Davis Challenge 09, the Marine Corps Challenge, but since no one else has, I'd like to share my photos from what was a truly memorable weekend, before tonight's buzz wears off.

I almost didn't go. Severe jet lag and generalized depression following my trip to Argentina with Senor Frog (see not to mention having major catchup to do for work. But, the memories of DC 08 (Blackwatch cooking French onion soup drunk? Writing Team Newcastle in the sand at the end of Manzanita Beach?) and the offer of a free ride with return by Sun noon, even the lamest lamo couldn't say no.

Am I glad I went. I truly believe the Davis Challenge is now the Crown Jewel of BRS. I got a ride with Guth and Meg, listening to the NMN soundtracks. I loved COW, it was magical, but all the albums sounded great on Guth's car stereo relative to my Mac laptop.

Then, the new digs. KUDOS to View, holy mackerel, I felt like I was in an Aspen ski lodge, no joke. Cracklin fire in the fireplace, dozens of DC T-shirts out to dry, "homo rainbow" playing on the stereo, a keg cooling on the patio, Sammy patrolling the hallways, Jay passed out on various sofas. This is HOME. But with twice as many rooms and a bigger kitchen.

I still can't figure out how to post photos in order on this blog, so I wil just attach them all....

First the Situps and Pullups. Must say it was not as painful as last year because no pushups. Team Joe Camel was about to blast the competition again, when Jay had a gas emergency and bails mid-crunch. This may have contributed to the removal of the belt that led to the running of 3 miles while holding up loose cargo pants with one hand. See Crash's account of the lineup for the 3miler (I am missing Chris's excellent addition, regarding the comment of the spectator in the rear).

Bet you all didn’t know that I could read minds? Check out this photo along with my predictions. (zoom in for best results):

Weiss “Golly gee, sure hope I beat my old man”
Guthrie “Better stretch out the legs for maximum efficiency”
Meg “Goddamn Guthrie. What the hell you sign me up for”
Kenzie “Goddamn Jay. What the hell did I ingest last night”
Susie “Marines are wusses. 3 miles, Ha! If this was the Ro Challenge, I’d add 23.2 miles to this run”
Jay “Where am I? If I’m dreaming, why is it so cold”
Brian “This is going to be fun”
Chris “Goddamn physical challenges. Can’t wait for the cooking, darts, cigs, and beer”

Crash advises everyone to do an extra 3 miles on the beach, but luckily no one listens except Crash and Gerald, who wasn't carrying any weight anyway (says Crash, "I LIKE road marches"), just taking pics of dead Jellyfish.

Then the REAL challenge began. MREs and beer only. Hooah bars are the bomb. Rock painting, darts, trivia, cookoff. I'm noticing a pattern, first to get the food to starving drunk road marchers wins. Chris has an eerie talent for movie trivia and Guth is the happiest drunk I have ever met. We miss Danny. I wish I could bottle Drunk Guth and sell it.

Guth, BTW I like the yellow in the jersey. Give up your fear of East Germany, it beats the sunburned zebra look.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fabulous February

February's Challenge?  Be Fabulous!  That is select a monthly challenge from this past year and do it again.  To recap:

AB Awareness Month  (minimum 3,000 reps of AB work)
Millennium May (check past posts)
June Bloom (14 Days Vegetarian / 150 servings of fruits/veggies) beware: SO FRICKIN' HARD! So hard, not Recommended!!!
Journal July (log 10 hrs of an activity and post on the blog your experience)
Altitude August (gain 3,000 feet in elevation)
Six Minute September (run a sub 6 minute mile)
October Off (4 hrs of stretching or yoga)
NMN (New Music November.  Compile 3 songs each from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's)
Donate December (Donate Blood, Time, or Money to a charity of your choice)
Jainism / Jersey January (Fast for 24 hrs or create a jersey incorporating the BRS website)


Congrats to Team Joe Camel on winning the 2009 Davis Challenge.  So by my calculations, you guys only won the spiritual & recreational challenges.  Maybe next year there'll be more physical challenges?  Hmmm.  Congrats to everyone on an awesome weekend!!!  The fun level was totally off the charts.  Damn.  Now I've got to start training for the Tacoma Marathon.