Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chilly Hilly

The Guth, Spiz, and myself went back in time and actually did the Chilly Hilly 24 hours before the race even began. I guess time travel is truly possible.

It was a fantastic day that had views of the Seattle skyline, Olympics, and Mt. Rainier. Oh yeah, it was also chilly and hilly.


  1. Ghost of Chilly Hilly, I think you guys enjoyed better weather than the folks who rode it today. Crash and I were both glad to be running in picture perfect conditions at the Birch Bay marathon today. No T-shirt, no medal, mainly Maniacs. Now it's less than 5 months to prepare for STPOD.

    Guth, those photos landed in the Davis Challenge posting.

  2. I think we picked the right day to do this too, we couldn't have had a better February day. And I'm glad you weren't rained out up north either, I was worried when the rain started down here.

    Curious where you wound up for lunch?

    Also, I fixed the slideshows, not sure what happened there. Also, I found a few more photos from the DC. Don't think I can get to them tonight, but I'll try to get them up soon.

  3. It did rain, and I have belly button chafe marks to prove it (though that may have been related to my wearing my tights backwards by accident, was wondering why I had a persistent wedgie feeling for 4+ hours), but it was light and pleasant. Drizzle is a good thing with running, with biking, just cold and miserable.
    We ate at the Casa Que Pasa (the scorpion salsa left a pleasant burn in my nose when I coughed), then the Bagelry. Cute town and Birch Bay state park is gorgeous.