Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gerald Jr.

Today is a special day. Gerald Jr.'s birthday is 2/28/09. Sadly I can't even remember Gerald Sr.'s birthday, sometime in January 2007. Women are so fickle, if Junior didn't have Gerald's name, would I even remember it? They didn't paint the polar bear on it, as you can see, oh well, I'll have to get a sticker. I guess 10 years of higher education and 80 hour work weeks can buy you a good looking companion.


  1. Two words! Beautiful, fuckin'!!! Polar bear image? After a few rides on the hills of Mukilteo, you would've ultimately scratched off that polar bear anyways, and probably added a starving Hippopotamus, a mother alligator protecting her young, or a goddamn Doberman Pincher...

    I CAN'T wait to ride D2D with Gerald Jr!!!

  2. Crash is just anti polar bear like the rest of the Global Warming deniers. Don't get him started on the Flat Earth Hypothesis.
    Nice Rig.