Thursday, February 26, 2009

T, Crash, for making me panic

Crash dropped his FEB FAB mix on my desk today. Made me realize that I had only two days left, what happened to this month!? I was planning on either creating another disc as well, or ideally donating some blood. But a quick mental rundown of my next two evenings and I realized I have little opportunity for either. Uh, oh. Gotta think fast...

Suck it, bitches.


  1. Just like my buddy, MURTZ would say, "Hells to the Yeah"! Guth started out like he was going to break 5:30 easily. Then lap two. Still well on track. Then came lap three. Still looked good, dropping some time, but well on track to break 6 minutes. Then came the last lap. No problem, until I saw his last 220 meters. Then I got a little bit worried. Only for a sec, because Guth came down the back stretch just like a goddamn champion thorough bred!!!

    I admired his amazing improvement in just 6 months! I admired his CAN DO, Let's try it, attitude! But mostly I admired the look on his face choke full of unadulterated PAIN after he crossed the finish line! Why do I like bikerunswiG? You gotta earn every goddamn BRS point. Well done Guth.

  2. WELL DONE! You've conquered the 6:00 mark, which I will never do (without a bicycle), next stop, marathon!