Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April is Abdominal Awareness Month II

I got an email from our web host, they are renewing our beloved little url today. 

It's been a year of BikeRunSwig everyone!

We've come a long ways since last year. I know I've learned a lot about myself, about what I can do and what just a scoche of competition turns me into. 

I've also lost about 25lbs, so no complaints there. I've learned that I actually like running, something I would have never, ever guessed. I also learned that I don't like swimming (yet?) mostly because I can't not sink. 

I learned how bull-headed and unrelenting Crash can be when he sets his mind to something, but also that when he says he's stopped drinking it means he'll make a sixpack of Newcastle disappear within 24 hours. I've learned that Chris from Ventoux is likely the funniest person I've ever met and I wish he would post more (but I also hear he might be moving closer!). Gerald (not her real name) is amazing and knows she can accomplish whatever it is she wants to do, even though I think she talks herself out of it most of the time. And Jay can do the Centipede!

I'm also really excited about this next year. Excited about some of the challenges I'm setting for myself. Excited even more about the competitions and events we'll all do together. I'm not excited for 00:06:00 September. Nonetheless, this coming BRS year will certainly be better than the last.

Anyhow, enough waxing romantic. 

It's business time.

April is Abdominal Awarness Month. Rules are the same this year as the last. 1 Magnum Series point will be awarded to anyone that can attain 3000 repetitions of any abdominal exercise (situps, crunches, obliques, inclines, flutter kicks, you name it) or any combination of exercises by month's end. 1 extra point will be awarded to whomever does the most reps. Remember, this went well into the 5 digit range last year, be aware of what you're getting into. 


  1. A+ for straight to the point, no bullshitting Guth! Thanks for making this site possible, but mostly I agree with you 99.9999%. BRS will be alive and well for many moons to come, but honestly I'm looking to win ALL the competitions when I'm 64, (if i is that lucky) and then some too...

  2. Did you get you're ab work in today or are you already behind? Yeah April!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!
    P.S. The tamale recipe is coming...