Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hal-munny Gear

That's what Crash calls Granny Gear. Davey was hired to provide Granny support and that he did. Today's 56+ mi ride with 3800+ ft of climbing would not have been possible without it. At least twice before I had walked Gerald up those Seattle Hill hairpins, and Nike Hill? Would not have been possible even with the 27 cog on Gerald, at least with my legs. Beautiful course, beautiful weather.

Thanks to the crew, Crash, Guth, and Spiz for waiting patiently for me at the tops of many hills, and sharing caboose "sweep" duty pulling me up those hills. And the steel-cut oats with fresh blueberries, walnuts, and honey harvested by hand in Poland I must admit beats even bacon for preride fare. You're all good boys, i.e. will wait until Grandma crests the hill without an ounce of impatience. I've failed twice to crest Madison Hill, but after today, I hope it won't give me palpitations or that sinking feeling of dread.


  1. I think it was the oats that helped you over the steep hills, not the granny gear.

  2. You did splendid on Seattle Hill, but Guth told me you made it up Nike Hill without stopping! Very good job. Don't know how you made it up that hill without my motivating chatter?

  3. Spiz, Mark and I did the same route again, but backwards the other day. Spiz and I hit 52 mph on our way down that beast of a hill!