Monday, March 9, 2009

I ran for a Costco hotdog

A couple of Saturdays, I found myself in a bit of a pickle. I had left my car on the other side of town the night before because I had too many beers to properly drive and I had to get to work at Costco that day.

My plan was to get a ride to my car but I had missed my ride and I needed to make work by 10:00. I figured I could walk to my car but then I realized that I would have to run to my car if I wanted to make work on time.

I contemplated the bus but I only had $1.50 and I wanted to buy a Costco hotdog for energy throughout the day. So dressed in khakhi pants, a sweater, my water shoes and carrying a backpack I proceeded to run from East Eugene to West Eugene. I would have felt ashamed or embarrassed at my predicament but the Davis Challenge beach hike had already broken my dignity so I knew that if I kept running I would eventually reach my car.

Oh yeah, I stared at the buses that would pass me by and I turned my head when I passed the downtown bus station but I never faltered from my course. I envisioned the car sitting in the parking lot just as I had envisioned milepost no. 13 on the beach in Manzanita.

And after an hour and fifteen minutes, I opened my car door and I drove to work where I immediately guzzled down the Costco dog and a soda pop.

I'm not sure how far I ran (five... six... seven miles... probably six) but it was worth it.

That hot dog tasted might juicy and delicious and I want my BRS point for putting in the effort and using my Davis Challenge Training in a real world situation.

When we do things like run for extended periods, we better have a good reason. I don't need no stinking t-shirt and a medal... I just want my hotdog.


  1. I give you a vote. Broken dignity? I think not. More people would run marathons if they offered Costco dogs instead of medals. Brian told me your story about 2 miles into our 28 mile run yesterday, and I dreamed of Costco hotdogs the entire way.

  2. I think you may have stumbled on a new event at next year's DC. Road March + Costco Hot Dogs. You get my vote, no doubt.

  3. A Flawless Victory.

    I Support your petition for a point as this meets the Bushwick Bill "If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense" standards