Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Menu

Running out of time here. This is actually from last Monday. I've also been trying to clean out the pantry and freezer a bit, so this was done on a weekday and involved very little actual cooking.

Banana Bread with cream cheese
(baked fresh on Saturday)

Hard boiled egg from Sunday
Orange juice (from concentrate, for a lower carbon footprint)

Lunch was a bowl of pasta fagiole (pasta with beans) that were left over from Sunday. I don't have a picture, but boy was it stunning coming out of the office microwave in tupperware. Still tasted good.

Dinner was home made Tamales from the freezer. I checked the date on the bag and I made them March 1st, so they sould qualify. Stuffed with tender pork carnitas and masa, loving wrapped by this gringo here, steamed and served with homeade tomatillo salsa.

for desert I pulled some chocolate chip cookie dough out of the freezer. I usually keep some in there, but I seem to have a problem with some kind of rodent getting in there, unwrapping the wax paper and nawing on the end.

Yeah its sideways. Yes, I'm too lazy to fix it.


  1. Rodent that lives in the freezer? Sounds like just the hearty creature that could be vital for scientific research.

    I would post something for MMMMarch, but it is too depressing to post "cereal, bagel, banana, yogurt, hot pockets, ramen noodles, cream of mushroom (Campbell's) soup, several pieces of cheese, spaghetti, Totino's pizza rolls", more for the caloric count that pathetic lack of culinary creativity.

  2. Very nice work, Ventoux. And, would you mind sending me your tamale recipe? I was thinking of making a large batch for the crew at work for an upcoming mexican holiday (subsidized!)

  3. tamales don't have cheese, right? You're eating like a king there in Corvallis. Hope you are biking like one too. You've got my vote for the tamale dish...