Monday, March 2, 2009

mmm March

This month, post a menu of what you ate that day.  Only catch is that you must prepare the food yourself.  No take-outs or going out to eat.  (You don't have to bake your own bagels from scratch, but just PREPARE all the meals at home).

Yummiest voted menu gets an extra half BRS point upon posting at least one recipe from the day.  Bon appetite!


  1. Does it count if you transform a 1$ double cheese burger into a big mac?

  2. Does microwaving Trader Joe's or boiling spicy ramen noodles count?
    My diet could make the "wall of shame" on FLN's "bulging brides".

    Quite a photo. I kinda look like him, sans the weenie.
    OMG I want a big mac NOW! Only I'm too drunk to get to McDonald's!