Thursday, April 30, 2009

April ABS Bring Millennium May Flowers

April's AB Awareness challenge is finally over.  If you completed your 3,000 reps, please comment to this post with your final number, and you'll get a BikeRunSwig Point.  2 points for the champ.  Word on the street says First Class still has 1,000 left, but only has 4 hrs after work to finish. Good Luck!

Now for Millennium May.  Pick two events from the list below.  Complete one full event, and half of another event.  Then pick one mandatory SWIG event (or two if you want) and you'll earn a BRS point. 

You must track your progress on the MM spreadsheet.  Any questions, just ask theGuth!

EVENTS (choose one FULL, choose one HALF)
200,000 meters RUN
1,000 K BIKE
10,000 meters SWIM
2,000 PUSH-UPS
2,000 ABS
1,000 minutes TIME of an activity (approx 50 min / 5 days / wk)

Mandatory SWIG (choose one)
3,000 mL WINE (4 bottles)
10,000 mL BEER (28 beers)
1,000 mL LIQUOR (about 22 shots)
4 Bottles of Magnum Malt Liquor (In honor of the Magnum Series)
15,000 mL MILK (4 gallons)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feliz Compleano Crash

Meant to post this Sunday but my computer melted down. You get some really awesome graphics when your graphics card melts to your mother board, destroying both. I think its what Nietsche was hinting at in Thus Spake Zarathustra.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the one who's mental imbalance and competitive nature got this all started.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It Is On

1,200 is the number for day one. Not a cheap 1,200, there were 200 flutter kicks (fucking suck) and 200 leg lifts (freakin suck) in there. I was going to stop at 1,000, my daily goal, but it occurred to me that doing 1,000 a day is going to fucking suck and there are days I'm going to bail. So I channeled Crash and put a cherry on top. Another 100 flutters and another 100 leg lifts. Enjoy the trip to Flossmoor Crash. Try to spend some time with the family when you're not doing obliques.