Thursday, April 30, 2009

April ABS Bring Millennium May Flowers

April's AB Awareness challenge is finally over.  If you completed your 3,000 reps, please comment to this post with your final number, and you'll get a BikeRunSwig Point.  2 points for the champ.  Word on the street says First Class still has 1,000 left, but only has 4 hrs after work to finish. Good Luck!

Now for Millennium May.  Pick two events from the list below.  Complete one full event, and half of another event.  Then pick one mandatory SWIG event (or two if you want) and you'll earn a BRS point. 

You must track your progress on the MM spreadsheet.  Any questions, just ask theGuth!

EVENTS (choose one FULL, choose one HALF)
200,000 meters RUN
1,000 K BIKE
10,000 meters SWIM
2,000 PUSH-UPS
2,000 ABS
1,000 minutes TIME of an activity (approx 50 min / 5 days / wk)

Mandatory SWIG (choose one)
3,000 mL WINE (4 bottles)
10,000 mL BEER (28 beers)
1,000 mL LIQUOR (about 22 shots)
4 Bottles of Magnum Malt Liquor (In honor of the Magnum Series)
15,000 mL MILK (4 gallons)


  1. I finished between around 11:35. I was finishing in the offfice and Carla thought I looked like a bug who got flipped on its back.

    My stomach sort of hurts but a nice glass of wine is making me forget the pain.

    Cheers biatches!!!

  2. 5,170 total for April. I'll take swimming for 10,000 - Pull ups for 500 (uhmm, thats probably my mistake, but I'll be training with this guy NSFW )and Beer for 10,000ml Alex

  3. i is did 3,000. didn't pull an all-nighter like first class, but came pretty close to the wire. bring on Millennium May!!!

  4. I maxed out the minimum this time too, but I can still palp a 'race cut' jersey so I ain't sweating it either.

    I've updated the Millenium May spreadsheet link on the sidebar here to the current 2009 tracking. Please use it to log whichever poison you have picked this month.