Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It Is On

1,200 is the number for day one. Not a cheap 1,200, there were 200 flutter kicks (fucking suck) and 200 leg lifts (freakin suck) in there. I was going to stop at 1,000, my daily goal, but it occurred to me that doing 1,000 a day is going to fucking suck and there are days I'm going to bail. So I channeled Crash and put a cherry on top. Another 100 flutters and another 100 leg lifts. Enjoy the trip to Flossmoor Crash. Try to spend some time with the family when you're not doing obliques.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the lead Ventoux! Now I'm going to see if we can get to sponsor the TdM!!

    K. So I was actually going to maximize the minimum on ABS this month, since I'm training so hard in swim, run, and bike, (swig is just an adapted lifestyle choice), but now that you've made it into a competition / challenge, let's just see where this month takes us, shall we?