Sunday, May 31, 2009

June Bloom

It's time for June Bloom.  14 Days without any meat or seafood AND eat at least 180 servings of fruits and vegetables.  Extra BRS point to vegetarian with most days,  person with the most servings, and person with the most variety of fruits/veggies.

Good Luck!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't Sneeze

If you want a fighting chance of doing well at MMay and certainly not twice if you want to actually complete this monthly challenge...

I started off May with my normal strategy. Complete the wine requirement in four days, and then just for kicks, the beer challenge three days later. Admittedly, last year I delayed my biking and paid dearly the last two weeks. This year, I was right on track. Or at least I thought I was...

Coming off Memorial Day weekend, life was good. Completed my first triathlon, won the Corvallis Open, and hung out with family and friends. Then came the buzzkill. Even though I ran each week, and completed a marathon, I still had 45 miles to run! So here's how I ran 42 miles in the last 44 hours:

WED 0800 7 miler // 1800 7 miler
THU 0430 7 miler // 0845 7 miler
FRI 0430 14 miler

So suck on that monthly Blog challenges! You can't faze Crash.
Wait a sec, goddamn June Bloom starts Monday!!! Gonna go eat 500 Arby's in the next 48 hrs. I'm coming for you View!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Team Davis Wins! Also, Crash Batsh$% Crazy!

bikerunswig's Corvallis Open 2009 photosetbikerunswig's Corvallis Open 2009 photoset

Epic weekend. Good food. Fresh Beer. Olympic Length Swimming. And a Tennis Match to rival the greats. No Federer embarrassment of the American Flavor of the Month Here. Think Connors McEnroe, think Fletch at the tennis club (Think Chevy Chase might be the a-hole he is reported to be as no Fletch clips can be found to link to on youtube, oh well, this will have to do).
Congrats to team Davis for taking a hard fought match from team Schwartz Andrejko Metheny. And Congrats to Mi-Yong for knowing nothing about the game of poker. I'll have to assume its the same kind of crazy that has made Crash the president of the Dick Cheney fanclub, that propelled him through the third set tie breaker. For the record crash, you have no shot at bagging his #2 fan. She apparently hates herself more than we hate our livers. Oh, also this, because seriously, Dick Cheney?
Also, there was the matter of a little Triathlon. Davis the younger smoked his competition, going so far as to throw his bike pump in the spokes of a 10 year old. The rest of us survived anyway. Big props to the dude with the pooka shell necklace who doggiepaddled/breast stroked the entire 750 meters and still didn't finish last in his heat. He never even got his hair wet.
More photos at the flickr site (or photos at the flickr site assuming the whole HTMl thing doesn't worl)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

You all suck

What's the deal? This weekend brings the best riding weather we've seen yet this year, and we had two great rides planned to take advantage. For awhile I even thought we'd see five members of our team out training together. That was likely a tall order, with Mother's Day, travel plans, etc but with both days rides planned we would at least get some time in for everyone.

But where is everyone? Mark showed up yesterday, and we had a great time riding to Lake Roesiger. Crash was supposed to join us but didn't.

Today though, we were supposed all the rest of us ride together, Furnace, Crash, Gerald and me. And no one shows up? What's the deal?!

Well, I can report that the riding was sublime, you all would have had a great time out there. Unfortunately, you all suck.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Homemade Power bars

Ok, I spent some time in the laboratory (the kitchen) creating some home made Clif Bars. Cheap, easy, and you can put your own ingredients. I've already made batch #2 choco/cherry/peanut butter. Both batches are great.

Click on this link for the article with ingredients and procedure. Enjoy!