Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't Sneeze

If you want a fighting chance of doing well at MMay and certainly not twice if you want to actually complete this monthly challenge...

I started off May with my normal strategy. Complete the wine requirement in four days, and then just for kicks, the beer challenge three days later. Admittedly, last year I delayed my biking and paid dearly the last two weeks. This year, I was right on track. Or at least I thought I was...

Coming off Memorial Day weekend, life was good. Completed my first triathlon, won the Corvallis Open, and hung out with family and friends. Then came the buzzkill. Even though I ran each week, and completed a marathon, I still had 45 miles to run! So here's how I ran 42 miles in the last 44 hours:

WED 0800 7 miler // 1800 7 miler
THU 0430 7 miler // 0845 7 miler
FRI 0430 14 miler

So suck on that monthly Blog challenges! You can't faze Crash.
Wait a sec, goddamn June Bloom starts Monday!!! Gonna go eat 500 Arby's in the next 48 hrs. I'm coming for you View!


  1. agreeance.

    thenkgawd I added a little asterisk next to my cycling miles that I thought I could coast through this month. I had it all planned out and i figured i'd just achieve 1000km almost by default. By keeping up my regular commute and weekend rides I'd hit that mileage just about on the button. Ugh, i'm more than a little shy and it's waaaaay out of reach for me right now. In fact, luckily I accidentally set the bar a little low with my situps/pushups, my trip to the midwest last week though that routine completely off kilter.

  2. the ol' 14-14-14 strong work. lame photo though.
    does it top 129 miles and 7000+ ft climbing bike, 22 mile run, and 30 neurology charts?

  3. On your last little list of 'achievements' there, Gerald...the items you and I might consider fun vs torturous I think are very different ;)

  4. Send me some of those charts. I just finished a nice German Wheat Beer and feel more than capable of pronouncing any number of your patients to have terminal and inoperable inadequacy of the brain. Finished my pullups with a small set this morning. I have some gnarly calluses. I could even pass for a real laborer I think. The swimming I topped off this afternoon. My shoulders could use a few days off from all the excercise. The beer was, well, ummm, I finished that challenge long ago...BRING ON THE VEGETABLES!!!!