Sunday, June 28, 2009

D2D - Spiz Edition

Okay, so I got a little jealous looking at the blog entries and pix from the D2D and France entries. Factor in the beautiful weather and strong, cool breeze, I decided to go out and do my own solo ride.
I biked out to my parents' house, chatted there for an hour, then went down to tackle Andy. Not to be outdone, I checked out some of the scenery and house construction progress one block over on Harbour Heights. I was then compelled to check out some of the mansions one block over on Marine view drive. Yep. They're big and still there. Oh! But what about the new park near the ferry dock? I went up K2 and down Goat loop to check it out. Lots of people there. At that point, I was running out of water, so I went up goat loop, flying by two middle-schoolers struggling up the hill (they probably thought I had super-powers), and back home. Nice day for a ride!

Oh and the log is here.


  1. Did you wear the jersey? We passed a little boy on the Centennial trail saturday who pointed to us and yelled, "Look! Racers!" haha

    BTW, my legs were fried and I didn't do K2 yesterday, but did do 76 miler with Crash, with headwind ending with GLT (uphill).

  2. Haven't seen guth yet for the jersey. I'll be a racer soon too!

  3. That's quite a route you've traced out. Methinks somebody aspires to have his name on the GC side of the TdM Cup.

    I've got work to do!