Sunday, June 28, 2009

Date with St. Andy

Have been itching to ride since leaving France and spending the week firmly back in the grind. After breakfast at the Speedway Café, coffee, eggs with tabasco, oatmeal with blueberries, and dry rye-oh my (note to self, do not skip the bacon before next long ride), Crash and I meet Guth for 70 miler in Mukilteo. He is on his commuter bike, after Chugg expired (sniff) at the Livestrong Challenge.

After much anticipation, the BRS jerseys are here! I remember pre-Gerald, watching pelotons of cyclists zooming by in their club jerseys while running up Sheridan road in Illinois, and thinking “I want to be them”. Now I belong to a TEAM, and the jerseys look good. We even convinced Crash, who would rather chafe to death and descend wearing a tent/ parachute-like jacket in 90 degree heat than wear brightly-colored and form-fitting technical clothing, to don the club jersey.

Today we started out with the D2D-long version, the route is detailed on the old blog “Steep ride to suffering”. I remember driving the course last year and getting vertigo. The Boys routinely do this ride over their lunch hour, but I still break into a cold sweat when considering St. Andrews. I noted the grade on the Garmin on the way down, knowing I’d be climbing too slowly to get an accurate reading. Not sure how long it is, but it seemed at least ½ mile of 15-18% grade. Crash’s reasoning, First Class was able to do it on a mountain bike last year after a pack of Camel lights, so no excuses.

I did pull over briefly on a side street but miraculously I made it up. May even complete the entire TdM this year. Best rest up/ ice- tomorrow we attempt K2.

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