Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What are we talking about?

Talkin bout practice man!
This is for First Class!
There are those who would argue that Pascal's Wager is the most perfect crystallization of human logic yet conjured from the random collection of electrical impulses created by our grey matter. Those people have never heard of the greatest high school quarterback ever to step onto the gridiron in the great state of Virginia. (Though he definitely wasn't the greatest potential wife from there. I locked her up.)
I believe this is the raison de etre (What up Ventoux! Local boy made good! Rizz did you see my people there? They were at the bar.) for You Tube. In fact if I owned You Tube, I'd go ahead and shut it down now. Thank You. Good Night.
All that said, AI was my coach for STP. Yeah, I might have missed a ride or two, I know its important. I honestly do, but thats not a game!!


  1. Folks, nevermind the smoke & mirrors, Ventoux is scared straight about riding from Seattle to Portland because he did NOT train whatsoever for the ride.

    No worries, him & me is doing 2 days, so Ventoux you trained properly by learning how to brew your own beer over the past 4 months. Now we just have to figure out how to transport it cold over 100 miles. As for his wedding, it was simply marvelous. You did just great remembering your line, "I DO".

  2. Ventoux, you do not need to worry. You can surpass anything I can do without any training whatsoever. That goes for First Class too. All you need is plenty of chamois butt'r (or Ass sauce, if you prefer) and beer. Beer is helpful on any rides, the key is to plan the route to pass by a bar, as transporting is trickier.

  3. Congrats are in order twofold:
    1) You can Jen (and Sammy of course) look great! Beautiful setting too. I wish you all the best!
    2) Working 'Press Hop' into a blog post before me; that was about all I had on my to do list today.

  4. OMG I totally missed the link to the wedding photos! You guys are beautiful and I love the bouquet, dress, etc. Congratulations1

  5. Congratulations! The pictures are great. Was Sammy the dog part of the ceremony?