Friday, June 26, 2009

What's more fun than running?

Watching someone else run while you drink beer and insult them in Spanish.
True Story: The slurring caused by beer intake allows one with a limited Spanish vocabulary to approximate Potuguese. So the Brazillians on the TV should be able to understand me. COMO ESHTASH HIJOSH DE LA GRAN PUTASHH. ARRHHHHHH.
Its happy hour so I'm just going to crib the rest from the email I sent out at work:

Without regular practice, a persons capacity for jingoistic revelry
and blatant homerism can atrophy. Just ask the Guardian Council about
how things started going downhill in Iran once they had to cut music
study classes** in their public schools due to budgetary concerns.
Anyway, Sunday at 11:00 am, team USA will be facing Brazil in the
finals of the Confederation Cup. Arguably one of the biggest matches
USA has ever played in. So if you want to start warming up for El Copa
Del Mundo next year and reacquaint yourself with terms like "pitch",
"nil", and "that foreigner is obviously faking an injury to get a foul
call" this is your chance. The game is on ESPN 2, or if you prefer an
announcer who can stretch the word "Gol" out for a good 30 seconds or
more I recommend watching on Univision.
If your in Corvallis, I'll probably be the guy at Block 15 Brewery
stretching my limited Portuguese vocabulary in order to insult some
very talented men in their native tongue. Shouldn't be too hard,
Brazil has the best midfielder in the world and he goes by one name:

**the most popular genre of elementary school music study in Persia?
Chanting "Death to the Great Satan".


  1. Who plays on the national squad during regular MLS season? Sorry, I'll have to miss it, got Sounders tix for the same time!

  2. I'd say anyone who's good enough but that would imply the MLS is a top tier league and actually has such players. So I guess it will just be Landon reverting to his normal confused and outclassed international form. USA! USA!

  3. /Will still be pulling for them.
    //Sad Ronaldo won't be there as it will cut down on the opportunity to joke about his taste in prostitutes and donuts.