Thursday, July 2, 2009

All American Finals

Venus: Hey, you want to play using wooden rackets?
Serena: What?
V: Like old school wooden rackets, I mean fuck it, what are those crackers going to do about it? She's not my Queen.
S: I guess we've both already won Wimbledon. The last trophy I got here I fill with candy every halloween and leave outside my front door.
V: With a note to take only one piece? No shit? Me too.
(Sisters do that girlie squeal thing and high five)
S: Can I wear one of those old fashioned full length skirts and a Victorian weave?
V: Why not? I'm going to dress up as Rod Laver I think.
S: We should have hot dogs to eat between sets since its the 4th and all.
V: And definitely serve underhand...


  1. k Ventoux. didn't see Venus' match, but goodness, Serena's match was seriously unbelievable! Yes. I said unbelievable! every competitor on brs should take a f' goddamn page from Serena. did you see girlfriend dig deep? makes me goddamn proud to be an American. one point sticks in my mind. russian & Serena trade strokes, and each stroke gets faster and faster!!!

    Serena won. God Bless America.

  2. hahahahahahahahaha
    Serena's my idol. Go big girlz!

  3. zOMG Ventoux! I have snorted more (and more abashedly) over the last few days from your posts that I've got Tornado Tom snickering at me now.

    Well played indeed.

    Now let's cook meat and blow up stuff for our county!