Sunday, July 26, 2009

Communal Challenge

So far BRS has challenged my abs, my six minute mile, and my vegetarianism, but I don't really feel like my swig has been put to the test yet. So...

Welcome to BRS' first COMMUNAL CHALLENGE: The challenge is to produce a barrel of wine by the end of the year.  How? When? Where? Who knows, we'll figure out the details, but the great benefit in participating will be the end product and 5 BRS points. 



  2. Talked to the proprietor of the local vintning/brewing shop. The barrel isn't hard to get ahold of, its the grapes and all the equipment we need to turn them into juice thats the issue. If we want to do it down in Oregon, he acts as a facilitator for 8 or 9 groups that do barrels. He can get us the grapes and set us up with the equipment, etc. The harvest time for grapes depends on variety but we're looking late Sept. through early Nov. for the time frame. I think the plan is to do this in WA, so Crash, can you talk to a brew/vinting shop up there to see if they could do the same? Other possibilities would be talking to the wineries along the Burk Gillman trail up there. I think some wineries are doing similar facilitation for groups of people making wine these days. They sell you the grapes and give you access to the equipment and help you out a bit, etc. If this is too much, I think we can also talk to the wineries about just buying wine by the barrel and doing the just the bottling ourselves for the first round.