Monday, July 13, 2009

i.o.u. B.M.(Q). AWARDS

i.o.u. B.M.(Q).

it means:

i owe you, BEER ME. (QUALITY).

Welcome to BRS' newest award. For any group event, or Majors (sorry, no solo's), any participating member can award another participant an iouBMQ award for outstanding performance. It's easy. The nominator must simply blog (or comment) the reason why, and present the nominee with a QUALITY beer the next time they meet up. 6 iouBMQ award pts (6-pack, duh) will equal one BRS pt.

i would like to present theGuth (formerly Chugg R.I.P) and Gerald the very first iouBMQ awards for STP.

theGuth - For organizing and successfully getting all the BRS riders (minus me & Ventoux of course) from Seattle to Portland in one day. You took care of ALL the ride logistics as well as all the training rides. But mostly, you designed a bad-ass jersey which I only heard positive feedback during the ride.

gerald - just short of 2 yrs ago, you could barely ride 20 miles in Evanston, IL. About a year ago, you could barely ride up Harbour Hts Hill and could not complete the TdM. Less than 6 months ago, you were a NOGO up Madison Hill, but NOW: you did the full D2D(lv), completed Ventoux, and did STP in 1 DAY. Outstanding work!

Lastly, here's a warning. Be prepared. The monthly challenges are going to get a heck of a lot more challenging. Also, for the non-drinking folk, there will be an iouMMQ award.


  1. Susie, congrats on your beer, you've certainly worked hard to earn it and deserve every drop. Question though: Do we actually get to drink these? Or are Crash's beers 'make believe'?

    Either way, I like this. And not because I have one sixth of a magnum point (and potentially a tasty beverage). All of the 'T' posts mean a little bit more now...

  2. T- posts? Alls I know is, no way I could've done STP in 1 day without 6 strong BRS men pulling me along. The breeze from coasting in paceline was grand, and the solidarity from others on the route who saw the jerseys and agree swigging is preferable to swimming was something else. That said, now it's all business for the CDT, let's pick a date already. Cold water, potholes, bring it.

  3. I'm not sure I can effectively participate in this year's CDT (unless we really do sub out the M for a G (please!). And I don't have a bike, i dunno, maybe I borrow spiz's little belt drive jobby. I'll certainly try to be there for, at least as a volunteer. That said, Can we do it Aug15? Aug22 is my wedding anniv.