Friday, July 3, 2009


Come on, Karma. I mean, look, you got the wrong guy. Seriously.

I imagine most everyone that reads this knows that I was lucky enough to walk away from a gnarly crash two weeks ago the the Seattle Livestrong Challenge. But that my bike didn't fair as well. The plan has been to write a sort of lament for the great little road bike that introduced me to, and got me hooked on lycra-clad days in the saddle. Over the last three years Chugg gave me approx 10k miles, and I do miss him.

Since then I've been making due with, Bodhi, my commuter rig. While not a winner of races this one is a tank. An old 88 Stumpjumper Comp, it's seen a lot of abuse and is always ready for more. Until you blow through the braking surface on your rear wheel.

Fuck. I don't need this. I'm stuck with exactly zero working bicycles and not exactly in a position to repair/replace any of them.

Frankly, I recommend giving me a wide berth until this thing blows over.

(Does this mean I lose my points for July, not feeling the joy today)

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