Sunday, August 23, 2009

AA (today that means Altitude August, Gerald edition)

Must admit, most of the monthly challenges seem too far removed to be attainable for me. Vegetarianism? Pull ups? 6 minute mile? Ya right, I don't think so. I probably would have blown off Altitude August like the rest, but fear of Jungfrau has pushed me to seek vertical gain.

Last weekend, Lake Serene. Reminded me why I moved to WA. That a place like that could exist, that people actually live in a place where you can run all year round and hike to places like Lake Serene?

Don't know if I was trashed from CDT but it was ridiculously difficult. Mt. Dickerman, though higher, was more klutz-friendly and less steep. Think I'm addicted to hiking. This despite Bugs Of Unusual Size that can induce a 12x 8 cm swelling with just one chomp.

Sunday was the first time I led a ride, with the help of Garmin. I love that thing, but haven't figured it out yet. Now there's a possibility that someone with no sense of direction whatsoever can ride to Lake Sammamish on their own 2 legs. Now I can change tires, the possibilities are endless. But I still miss the BRS team training sessions.

It took awhile, but Crash and I reached the dreaded Montreux hill. Per Spiz, worse than St. Andy. I disagree. At no point did that hill surpass 16% grade, and there were several plateaus. Granted, I wasn't doing it at mile 60, but at mile 31, but still nowhere near the difficulty of Nike Hill, or even Cougar Mt. hill or Harbour Hts Blvd. St. Andrews remains by far the worst hill I have ever attempted (still can't complete without pulling off a side street).

One more thing, I love blue tires.

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  1. you guys gotta see Gerald lead with that garmin. unbelievable. the gerald i know couldn't find the nearest safeway from her house without directions. (small exaggeration, but not by much).

    i agree hikes were awesome, but respectfully disagree about Montreux. That was a tough, tough climb.