Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Does theCDT

2009 Central District Triathlon Q & A:

Q: Has anyone ever died competing in the CDT?

A: The CDT boasts a 100% non fatality rate, but is also proud to mention that the Seattle Times reported the first homicide of 2009 in the Central District. THIS IS THE CDT.

Q: My local Y maintains a pool temp of 84-85 degrees and staffs a full-time certified lifeguard. What does the CDT offer?

A: The CDT Steering Committee guarantees that Lake WA will not be frozen on race morning and does have access to 911. THIS IS THE CDT.

Q: I've heard some triathlons, like Danskin for example, are perfect for first time competitors because of the amazing support, motivating crowds, and food, gatorade, etc. Is this true for the CDT?

A: Huh? Bring your own food, water, gear, towels, and friends. We are actively looking for a volunteer to watch the bikes during the swim & run, but the CDT does provide one shot of Scotch to all competitors. THIS IS THE CDT.

Q: I'm still on the fence about competing. Do you have anything else to help me decide?

A: Sure do. Please see testimonial email below:

"dear spizzzzzzz...


i is drank stuff.  i is drank-ed more than stuff.  is is dranked beer ands wines...  so shoot me's....!  


you is should do cdt.  why?  fur.  fur on chest is good. furr is yummy , right, Michael Guthjrie?


um.  so, anywaysm, susie cant' swim the greatest.  um, guth can't niether (none ever. he w3ins i anrys so hard!@@@!@@@@@@@!!!!!!!) . chris & i good blanaced , but davies can kick our ass in swim, but willl die in run .  


bottom line?  clash for clunckers? 


no biggie.  just does it.  (mi yongi phrase/ pill knight also?????? ).  we all have kryptonite.  it not known, then, we all would be doing stp in 2 days like whatever...


instead we is ALL beterr than we could be.? right MGuth? SRO?  


i slepted now.


nighty night."

Just Does theCDT!!!

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