Sunday, August 9, 2009

Roll Call (continued)

Ventoux's list is great, especially given that there's plenty of overlap with my own mental blogroll, but I've a few faves that I'll add the mix.

Apart from the two already mentioned, this is easily my favorite cycling related blog (he mentions it occasionally). I was sold when I first learnt of tetrachromatic women! I wonder if I know any?

As far as politics goes, I get most of mine here. And I also really like this. Is it because they both have secret messages in the tooltips? (probably).

But seriously, I do get a good chunk of my 'world politics' here.

I subscribe to way too many food blogs (I subscribe to way too many blogs in general, just counted 84 in my reader account, ugh), but narrowing it down to three? This one, just because I'm totally seduced by aging meat and his sous vide contraption. This one, becuase she speaks French and her abilities far exceed my own without rubbing it in. Um, this one, because she makes eating healthy so easy, tasty and cheap and finally started me cooking Indian. Oh, and also this, because the pictures are so pretty and she makes my fav taters.

One last hint for finding recipes on the net, FoodBlogSearch yields far better results than plain google, or using allrecipes or epicurious or something that are loaded with crap that you have to sift through.

I'm also here a lot, when I just need something to click.

or here, when I need to oggle a little.

I now probably know more about ants that I should. Why is this stuff so addicting?

I dunno, I guess I'm done. But also check out this and this and this.


  1. dear mr. guth,

    some interesting links. for sure. i no vegan, ain't never met one. i met y'lots of religious folk, sexual oriented (gay / no gay/ no bi- to date), and also peoples of many from different lands/countries, but i swear to god i've never met a Vegan. have you?

    Anyways, that taters site is cool. nobody doesn't like yummy potatoes and i think you should be proud that you subscribe to so many blogs. i is cool with indian food. seriously i is. i'm mostly proud of your meaty links, (over vegan site).

  2. Muchas Gracias. I like to oggle as well.

  3. I have met some of the vegan persuasion. They tend to not weigh very much. They are also not the healthiest people i know (Ordinarily, I might say that you were among the healthiest people i know, but right now I'm questioning that).

    [pours another glass, has some catching up to do]