Monday, August 10, 2009

roll call (drunke)

but waht is ylife? but what is death? 

drunk is drunk...

anyways.  i'll make this short A& sweett. 


bear with me.  i know not computerseese ,and i'll does it my ways.  yup.  i know i maike eerros, but why change em?  you too smart?

i like cooking eheres: yummyinthetummy

i also like: homesweethome

in the bottom line:

all who think you is so strong, cool, SMART, and thing-a-ma-jig you is wrong.  why?

because brs will be around for a very long, long time. it's good.  very good.  tha'ts no bs.

life is music, friends, yummy food, biking, running, (swimming) and SWIG.

death? i'm still working on it.

1 comment:

  1. I call shenanigans. You do speak Computerese. We took that class together along with most of our college's football team to fulfill our science requirements. CompSci 101, much like a watering hole in subsaharan Africa, its where you could find football players and violin players existing together in a kind of uneasy stasis. And Crash and Me, probably a few beers in, given it was a night class.