Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Roll Call

Talked to Guth about this prior to STP. Its time to list favorite web sites as I'm running out of ways to appear productive in front of my laptop. Post yours in comments, or a new post. And I dont mean the obvious websites likethe new york time or IloveGlennBeck.com (mostly just Crash)

The two I start every day with:
Straight white guy technocrat liberal ish: Not really anything to get you throwing molotov cocktails (I've been saving Vodka bottles for when the revolution comes), but it provides more than enough ammunition enough to shoot down Crash's man love for McCain.
Totally not lame celebrity gossip: Because its sports see. And stories about Tiger Woods Farting are way more real than that Perez Hilton shit. And its totally not kind of gay.

From there its the B-Team for the same stuff:
Politics B-Team
Sports B-Team

When I want to feel better about renting (stay away from that one if you are under water on your mortgage)

If you have a graduate degree and want to argue about racial semiotics in the NBA

If aformentioned graduate degree came from a law school and you really just want to read dick jokes about sports
(occasionally NSFWish. But by far the best Fantasy Football/Sex Advice column on the internets)

Two best biking blogs on the Interwebs (Because where else are you gonna find out about Yogi Okley Dokely)

Because Mark Bittman taught me how to be a man. In an Apron.

Maybe only funny if you live with a mental health professional.

Completely offensive, racist, miscogenist, etc. etc. etc.. Yet Bol is funny. And he refers to Bud as "The Great American Lager".

Along those lines. Something for the fairer sex.

Its not going to last but its my current infatuation.


And saving the best for last. If you don't love this site and visit every day then you may have been born without a heart and you should probably have that checked out.


  1. k i'll need to do my hw and compile my list, but mostly i'm just not sure whether it's because i didn't get drunk tonight (1 day on the sober scooter) or what, but Yoga Farmer was the funniest most disturbing clip i've seen in a long, long time. well done!

  2. Check out the Aug 12 entry of bikesnob. I think I want to change my name to McSpandX