Tuesday, September 1, 2009

AA-Vesper Peak

Sorry for the late entry, was hoping to include a couple videos that we shot last week on this hike but havn't been able to upload to flickr.

Spiz chose this hike for us, and holey smokes was it amazing. The route is incredibly varied. Hiking through dense old growth forest, meadows filled with blueberries and salmonberries (yum!). Breaking out of the meadows we found ourselves on a barely discernable trail as we picked our way through several talus masses, separated by Headlee Pass, a crazy steep couloir that separates the ridgeline. Past that we could pick our way to Vesper Lake and ultimately to the crazy scrample up the the summit at over 6000ft. The drop on the backside of the mountain had me a little unnerved, dropped straight down about 2500 to the little lake below, Holey Smokes! We quickly ate, snapped some photos and started the reverse scramble down.

Altitude August doesn't give up her points easily, but holey smokes, are they rewarding.


  1. there are two sets of photos included in that slide progression. The first are pretty crappy, taken with my camera phone. Mike brought his marginally better equipment along too though, and the bulk of the photos were taken with his Canon.

  2. Holey Smokes indeed! Those shots are incredible, looks like a great day of hiking and scenery.

  3. Wow, wow, wow. Please invite me along next time. My Swiss connection here says, Washington mountains are just as bad ass as Swiss mountains, perhaps more because there are no restaurants or cable cars to the top.