Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Orderly October

Orderly October or Old School October. Either title works.  Challenge is to maintain an even, disciplined effort throughout the whole month, by adhering to the following requirements:

1) complete 25 push-ups (or 10 pull-ups)
2) complete 50 sit-ups (or 50 crunches)
3) jog 20 minutes (or walk 30 minutes or bike 40 minutes)
4) eat 1 serving of fruit
5) eat 1 serving of vegetable
6) abstain from drinking alcohol (i KNOW! it hurts so bad, so hard just to type this)!!!

Activities 1-6 must be completed on the SAME DAY, and must be done at least FOUR days EACH WEEK. No credit for splitting up activities on separate days, or cramming 7 days one week, and 3 days the next week.

Each candidate must also complete the next activity at least ONE time EACH WEEK:

7) consume 1 serving of alcohol (or milk).

Activities must be logged onto the spreadsheet that will be posted on the blog soon. Also, due to Ventoux moving, our wine making challenge will be postponed, but Six Minute September will be continued for one additional month.

Good luck! (i'm gonna need it for activity #6)


  1. Korean soldiers, nice touch.
    The reason I object to this and certain other challenges is 2 points, I don't believe in deprivation, abstinence. Suffering is good, substitution even, OK, but what is the point of fasting, of vegetarianism, or not drinking, really? If you put celibacy on that list, you bet people would complain. Now, situps, pushups, climbing, etc. OK. I also don't believe in physically impossible tasks. 6 minute mile? come on now. Pull ups? Anyone can run a marathon but not everyone can run a 6 min mile or do pull ups.
    Give me a good reason to stop drinking, I'm listening.

  2. as i type this - my hands are literally shaking. i believe this is called withdrawal? i don't have a good reason to stop drinking...

    i guess i wrote the requirements poorly. you can eat all the kfc chicken in the world, but just have to fit in a fruit & veggie serving too (i recommend the apple turnover & cole slaw). you only have to be sober on those 4 days. the remaining 3 days you are not only encouraged to be a lush, but required to drink at least one cocktail.