Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 Tour de Mukilteo Recap

A race recap (from a mid-pack rider's view) :

Prologue: MVP goes to Gerald for bringing bags of bagels and bagel accessories.

Stage 1 (ind tt): With 15 sec delayed starts between riders, I figured that I would be passed by Kadlec, but never imagined by Spiz too, and both before the turn around point. Even though Spiz won Stage 1 and wore yellow (and looked a couple shades of yellow too) the numbers show that Kadlec was only 6 sec behind.

Stage 2 (K2): Kadlec took off like a rocket, stole the first KOM sprint points, and then learned what 22% grade hills feel like. Seasoned tour riders Spiz & Guth cautiously stayed back, and Spiz took his second stage win, edging Kadlec who finished 3 sec behind. Both Gland Slam & Gerald succumbed to the K2 climb, and Spiz remained in yellow.

Stage 3 (wz lp): This was the first stage in tour history where total descent was greater than total ascent. Kadlec edged out Guth for the stage win, and Spiz remained in yellow, 8 sec ahead of Kadlec.

Stage 4 (hhh): Stage shakeup! Crash, Guth, Kadlec, and Spiz were all bunched up early in the climb, but then Spiz separated and took the KOM sprint points. Then Guth, (riding on his daily commute course), attacked Spiz and took the stage win. He also yanked the yellow jersey off of Spiz's shoulders and led the tour by 4 sec. A historic moment took place in the back of the pack! It was the very first time a rider born without a vagina got beat by a girl!!! Yes, Gerald edged out Grand Slam at the line! Move over Danica Patrick!

Stage 5 (wat lp): Once again, Kadlec, Guth, and Spiz were battling it out for the lead which ended up with Kadlec collating his second stage win. Guth started to look a bit feverish, but boldly defended the yellow jersey. Crash, under threat of protest from Gerald & Grand Slam, put on his helmet for this stage.

Stage 6 (pp spr): Kadlec took his third stage win, beating Spiz at the line, but Spiz recaptured the yellow jersey. Guth cracked, and both Crash & Grand Slam passed the former leader of the tour. This was also the most scenic stage of the tour.

Stage 7 (pp cl): Kadlec took the early KOM sprint points, but Spiz ended up collating his third stage win and remained in yellow over Guth (28 sec) and Kadlec (34 sec). At the back of the pack, Gerald threatened to beat Crash, but fell short by only 3 sec. However, she did beat Grand Slam once again.

Stage 8 (d2d sv): This stage makes the Tour de Mukilteo, the Tour de Mukilteo. Every child growing up in Snohomish County dreams of winning this stage and every rider residing in Snohomish County dreams of winning St. Andrews climb. Spiz took care of business early, by grabbing the KOM sprint points, and solidified his name on the the trophy as 2009 King of the Mountain. Kadlec ended up winning the stage (his fourth stage victory), but fell 15 sec short and took 2nd place. Guth ended his reign at the top as two year champion and placed third. Crash took fourth, and Gerald fifth. The title of lantern rouge goes to former two-time champion Grand Slam. Spiz is the 2009 Tour de Mukilteo Champion and KOM. Well done!!

Epilogue: Special thanks to Skirtsteak and Davies for being official timekeepers, judges, and support crew. Thanks Grand Slam for making the shirts. I also apologize ahead of time if I happen to address you as LR, instead of Grand Slam, in both writing and in speech. (I will also check to see with the podium girls if they need / want a third member).

Bottom line. Lots of fun, and now bring on the Davis Challenge 2010!!!

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  1. wow, from the back of the pack had no idea so much drama was going on. nice write up- you should include the hill classification again, or maybe we can incorporate the garmin topography for next year.