Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 Tour de Mukilteo

Who? Markk, theFurnace, Gerald, Crash, Bodhi, and Grand Slam
What? 6th Annual Tour de Mukilteo (co-sponsored by Vodka & Oregon Beer)
Where? Mukilteo
When? 10/10/09 - 0800
How? bike, blood, and guts
Why? friends, hilly hills, vodka, and beer. Why not?

2009 TdM Course Description:

Stage 1) individual tt
Stage 2) K2
Stage 3) Wired Zone course
Stage 4) HHH (Harbour Hts Hill)
Stage 5) Chateau Chapeau Loop
Stage 6) Picnic Point Sprint
Stage 7) Picnic Point Climb
Stage 8) D2D


  1. Do we drink the beer and vodka before or after the race?

  2. after doing some course recon this week, definitely AFTER, for pain management. since there will be a support vehicle, i may need it DURING as well...

    this year i've decided to share my race plan with the field. stage 1 i'm putting it into granny gear and praying i'll find the finish line (preferably with Grand Slam in my rear view mirror).