Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tour de Muk 2009

Dear Grand Slam ... I mean, Ventoux ... I mean, Lanterne Rouge, aka Beat By A Girl (awwwww)

Did someone say there would be a women's division in the Tour de Muk next year? Will there be Podium Boys?

Dear Tour Director: Do I win LR points by virtue of coming in last place in most of the events?
This year's course far surpasses the quality of last year's course. Unbelievable the amount of pain that can be packed into 38 minutes, at least w.r.t the lead pack (Spiz- winner, Kadlec, and Guth) or closer to an hour w.r.t "the peloton". However, I respectfully propose a new rule, and riders without helmets are automatically DQ'd.

Signed, The Tortoise aka Gerald

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