Saturday, November 28, 2009

BikeRunSalmon Photos 11-15-09

I don't know what made me bid on the Alaska King Salmon for 20 package at the Parkinson's Project auction in September, but for the first time ever I won something. Then I realized I haven't cooked in 5-6 years and this fine salmon would run the risk of wasting away, unappreciated. The solution? Give it up to people who will make good use of it, preferably at a dinner where I can just show up and mooch off their culinary artistry.
Salmonfest at Hacienda Spiz was like being a guest on Iron Chef. Salmon Salmon Salmon. Salmon sushi, salmon cakes, grilled salmon, braised salmon, pecan crusted salmon, salmon everywhere. No salmon ice cream though, there was vanilla and pumpkin homemade in a serious ice cream maker (complete with infrared temperature detector) .
Then beautiful plating on snazzy plates , almost too pretty to eat, but tasted even better. Thanks to the BRS chefs

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