Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i.o.u.BM(Q) Do Good December

I'm giving theGuth a beer. So for Do-Good December, I baked lemon squares under the supervision of Miranda (aka - Wolf) and gave them to some co-workers. Yum! But for my donation requirement, I figured I'd just give money this year.
Then I heard that Michael took one for BikeRunSwig and visited the hospital after donating blood. So following his lead, on my day off, I dragged myself to the Puget Sound Blood Center in Lynnwood and two good things happened. First, my blood pressure was low enough to donate and second, it was just an overall satisfying experience. Every one there was a volunteer, and it just felt really good giving something that someone was going to need.
Guth, you've got to share your "action photo" from the ambulance, and I'll bring your Rogue in tomorrow if it survives the night in my fridge.

Updated from Guth: Yeah yeah, so the first time I try to donate blood is likely my last. Dr's orders. I seemingly have the opposite problem as Crash, blood pressure so low that it drops off the charts once i lose even just a pint of it. About five mins after donating (but not before I got m y cookie and juice) the world goes white and I bonk my head on the floor. I was having a nice lil dream until I woke up to strangers crouching overhead and stuffing ice packs down my shirt. EMS was already on their way. Before they got there they took my blood pressure (was too low).
After EMS got there they took pressure readings too, couldn't even get to register when I was standing up. This wasn't really to their liking so off to the hospital with me. En route I get another needle in the arm for an iv some oxygen. Putting back some of what was just taken out. At the hosp I was parked in a hallway for an hour or so until they could take my BP 4 more times and give me an EKG (according to doc just a precaution, something about The Eurythmics). Then they popped yet another vein to take more blood (enough with the needles already!). After finally registering some normal blood pressure I'm discharged and off to find some pho. Needed it after all that.
Next December it's going to be sperm for sure.


  1. That should be added to the hidden benefits of CPAP- ability to donate blood!

  2. Absolutely Gerald, but I would also add vivid dreams and morning stiffies!

    Guth, at least you got to ride on a gurney. Next year, if you donate sperm, just remember no BRS point for any financial compensation. This is an altruistic challenge.

  3. Guth, we're sorry about the trouble you had after donating. Are you doing alright since then? Let us know if you have any concerns or feedback for us.

  4. @PugetSoundBloodCenter Yes, I'm fine. In fact, I didn't even get a bruise from that BONK on the floor. Just got back from a nice run with Crash and am enjoying my fancy beer. Thanks for checking in, unexpected but thoughtful. :D

  5. Young men are always the worst syncopizers. Strong work. Yes, Pho cures all.

  6. Just caught this, fantastic story! Definite Karma points for you this Christmas Guth.