Wednesday, December 16, 2009

That Lenny Kravitz cover and Extreme!!##$$$ Really?????



  1. Hey Lark & Frog,

    Nevermind First Class' bitterness, allow me to explain...

    First Class has always been crazy jealous of Kravitz's lineage. You know, being the son of Mrs. Jefferson, and hooking up with Lisa Bonet (First Class also had a crush on Cockroach from the Cosby Show).

    As for Extreme, More Than Words came out in 1991. That was the year we graduated and I believe First Class had a fling with Gerald's sister that summer. Anyways, that song will always break his heart.

    Finally, Lion - here's a tip. Next time you vote, instead of voting for yourself 5 times, just save time and vote yourself across the whole row. It's probably easier.

  2. Cosign on the Extreme First Class. but thank god for that Nina Simone version of Baltimore. Leave it to her to make a Randy Newman song good. Also, Bear, that Van Halen song was not heavy metal. Good song, but not metal. Not even close. An enjoyable month of music.