Sunday, January 24, 2010


Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Good job with the monthly challenge there Crash. I heard Anna Kourinkova won a few tounaments in Lincoln, or Calais, or Perth or somewhere lame. I wonder if she'd trade all that for a major? Or maybe a Grand Slam? Do you think when Pete Sampras gets in a fight with his wife, all she has to say is "French Open?" to send him flying from the room? Imagine if it was called the Sampras Open?
Anyway, theres been a lot of yapping in these here parts of blogfrica about Team Joe Camels training for the Davis Challenge (Defending Champs if you must know). Rather than waste your time with worthless unprovable braggadacio, like others I won't name, here is look at our training regimen, and, well, what other teams have really been up to...

First Class: "I don't think we need to carry this much weight on the road march!"
Grand Slam: "Don't Worry! I got this bro!"

Crash: "That Double Dutch totally smoked me!"
Gerald: "Whatever. I'm going for a quick 30 miler, wanna come?"

Grand Slam: "Lets go First Class, Just 800 more!"
First Class: "Don't Worry! I got this bro!"

Gerald: "Why are we playing house? I need to go for a run!"
Crash: " Geralllldddd! Don't be mean! We're getting squared away!"

First Class: "How is this going to help with Darts?"
Grand Slam: "Shut Up! What will you do if the dart board is standing on your wrist?!?!"
First Class: "I understand now. I got this bro!"

Crash: "People are totally going to heart these blondies"
Gerald: "LOL"

First Class: "Are you sure you wanna go this far to win Slam! This is illegal!"

Grand Slam: "Don't worry Bro. I got this!"


  1. Guth, expecting to reclaim a past title, and switching up his teammate for the third time in three years...but how did you guys know I was bringing Dolph?

  2. Whatevs Team Joe Camel. I've got a feeling this year is going to be really close. Wouldn't surprise me if it comes down to HIKI and I know what happens then. 1st class smoking in front of the fireplace. (Damn Gerald, now we've got switch our recipe to plan B).