Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still better than clearing brush

Obama: I really really really should not have put up the state of Alaska as collateral on Bodog for this bet. Man, screw that Kryzewski guy, was he even born in this country? That name sounds foreign to me. Like some kind of terrorist from Krygyzstan. Did I close all those illegal prisons Cheney set up? It might be fun to send coach K to one, I could probaby get away with sending Vitale too. No one would care. Duke grads probably all vote Republican anyway. Douches. Oh well, at least Bodog is going to have to take that crazy bitch along with Alaska. Might be a wash really. I wonder if I could bomb her after Bodog takes ownership and she's not technically a U.S. citizen anymore? God I hate Duke.

Secret Service Agent: Great, here I am with a national TV camera pointing at me and I'm having a reaction to my new facial moisturizer. God I hope I dont look too puffy!

Joe: Likes - guys with a sense of humor, puppies, long walks on the beach. Dislikes - playing games, rudeness, Rush Limbaugh. Well hello Miss February. Looks like someones going to be getting an invite to visit the VP at an "undisclosed location"...

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  1. I know a heckuva lot more about sports than you think Ventoux. I am a worldly lady. You betcha.